What Is 4K TV Streaming?

Published by Joseph Cutler on

We all know that 4K is the newest (and sweetest) technology when it comes to watching television. With its crystal-clear ultra high definition, watching TV, movies, sports in 4K definition has quickly become one of the best “You have to see this for yourself,” experiences you can have. Heck, it can even make watching the news better — if only because you can see every minute detail that you never would have noticed before.

Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a new 4K TV for an early Christmas present to yourself. Or, maybe you got impatient and you’ve already pulled the trigger and bought one before the holiday madness.

Either way, it’s important to know what your 4K TV can (and can’t) do before you sit down on your couch and realize that the picture is so great you never want to leave.

For instance, it’s important to know what the possibilities are for content, how you can stream movies and TV in 4K, and which option is the best 4K streaming device. So without further ado, let’s go on a crash-course about all things 4K.

What Is 4K TV?

Just a few short years ago, 4K television was introduced as the latest technology breakthrough. However, it was so new and so experimental, it was only available to a select few (with a whole lot of extra disposable income) looking to jump ahead of the early trends. However, as technology has advanced and become more well-known, the prospect of owning a 4K television is not nearly as rare. The 4K technology is now becoming mainstream, with the 2017 Christmas season expected to be a big boom for the industry.

But what is 4K?

Simply put, it has to do with the pixel resolution on your screen. Ultra HD, or 4K, means your screen has a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, which equates to four times the amount of pixels found in traditional 1080 (or standard) high definition. That means a clearer picture, more detail, and more texture on your screen.

Can You Stream in 4K?

Now to the biggest question: What is 4K TV streaming? Well, because not everything has completely caught up to the technology, it’s not like you can just stream everything in 4K definition, because the larger amount of pixels means it’s harder (and more expensive) to create and broadcast content at that level. That means when you’re watching cable through a traditional provider, your content may not all be available and your cable box might not even be compatible with your fancy new TV. But, there are still options for streaming 4K content. You can buy a new Blu-Ray player that is compatible with 4K, you can upgrade your Netflix account (which has limited content) to ultra HD, or you can buy a 4K media box. “Wait a second,” you proclaim, “What’s that?” Allow us to explain.

Get The Best 4K Streaming Device

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