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MAGGTV Provides Low-Cost Solutions for Cable Cutters With more than 50 different digital TV antenna models

As cable TV and satellite prices rise, ANTOP Antenna continues to provide consumers with multiple options to enjoy free over-the-air broadcast TV. With a full suite of more than 50 over-the-air digital TV antenna models, ANTOP has the free TV solution for just about every household in America.


More and more lower-cost over-the-top (OTT) video services and streaming alternatives are filling in the home TV entertainment space: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. When teamed up with an ANTOP high-gain digital antenna consumers can access free over-the-air TV broadcasts to complement their video and or streaming service.
A helpful hint prior to signing up for any streaming service, is to check local availability of free over-the-air broadcast television signals. With the appropriate ANTOP HDTV antenna consumers can enjoy traditional TV with no monthly charge.

9 out of 10 US households can receive free digital TV signals with the proper antenna

With the right antenna, most US households can receive free digital and HDTV signals. Of course, channel reception is dependent on location and the range of your antenna, but those located within 65 miles of broadcast towers can easily take advantage of free signals.
FCC’s DTV Reception Maps Page
Instruction: Enter your address and zip code in the Location box on the DTV Reception Maps page. Signal strength, available channels, stations location, etc. will be listed in search result.

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