Streaming Media Box FAQ

Questions or concerns about your Magg TV streaming media box? We’re here to help. Take a look at some frequent streaming media box solutions, and if you still have questions feel free to contact us!

Streaming Box FAQ


Step 1

Do a speed test on your streaming box.

Press the Android or home button on your remote then open MaggTv tool select speedtest.
– Press the cursor button on your remote, then use the directional arrows to select start/begin test.
– The important information here is the download speed.
– Once the test is complete, press the cursor button again to turn the cursor off.

Step 2

Reset Modem and Router.

This is best to do a complete reset of both devices or all 3 devices in some cases.
– Unplug power from modem and router.
– After 30 – 60 seconds plug in the power to the Modem Only.
– Wait 3-5 minutes for all the modem lights to stop blinking.
– Plug the power cord back into the router and let that boot up, typically 2-3 minutes.if also resetting your box then now plug your MaggTv back in.
– Now you’re done resetting your equipment.

Step 3

optimize your router settings?

• If your router comes with a Genie or a WiFi configurator, then start with that. It may do the work for you.
• If you choose to do this manually then start with these steps:
• Enable 5g WiFi in router settings and add a 5g to the network name so you know which one is which.
• Adjust the placement of your router to avoid interference. Try taking it out of the cabinet or drawer its in and place it on a shelf nearby. Also eliminate big pieces of metal surrounding the router.
• Adjust the antennas on the router. Your manual should have suggestions on suggested angles.
• Change channel on each bandwidth (2.4 & 5g). • Now you should be optimized. Test your speeds again. If it’s not great then go ahead and reset your modem and router and you should be good.


Why are the video and sound out of sync?

  • Occasionally a stream may have sync issues. If this occurs with your streaming media box,  you can either select another stream or you can adjust the audio to sync with the video by pushing Okay>Scroll right to the audio and adjust the sync.
  • You can also push “A” on the keyboard remote or the audio button on your standard remote.
  • If your audio always seems to be off, try to first reset your router. If the problem still exists and you don’t have really slow internet, you can go into media player settings and enable “MediaCodec” in the hardware accelerators.

What happens if there’s video but no sound?

  • First, make sure your volume is turned up on both your MaggTV streaming media box and your TV. If you still have no sound, proceed to next:
  • Next, try pressing the green MUTE button on the top corner of the remote in case you accidentally pushed mute. If that doesn’t work, follow these steps:
  • Press the Android HOME button on the remote > Settings > Advanced > More Settings > Sound > Volume > Turn up the volume to 75-80%.
  • Push the Android HOME button, scroll right to sound output and adjust your settings. If you are using Optical for Audio – Change setting to SPDIF. If using HDMI leave this as PCM , Auto or HDMI Pass through (for 5.1 or 7.1 surround).

How do I get surround sound?

  • The MaggTV video media player will play the stream for you in surround automatically if it’s available. Follow the steps here: Push the Home button on your remote > scroll right to sound output to adjust settings. If you are using Optical for Audio – Change setting to SPDIF. For HDMI leave this as PCM , Auto or HDMI Pass through (for 5.1 or 7.1 surround).
  • For the best sound quality, use premium links such as Real-Debrid.
  • If you are thinking about changing the 2.0 channel to 5 or 7, beware that this works for some but not all. If you change this setting, be sure to test a movie in HD with HQ or HD audio (ideally a Real-Debrid link with 5.1 test sound prior to changing and then test again immediately after changing. If sound has diminished or is not working at all after making this change, simply revert the setting back to 2.0. Note: Some users experience stuttering or freezing of the remote when changing this speaker setting. Press the power button if this happens and once you enter media player again adjust the speaker setting again.
  • To change your setting to 5.1 or 7.1, Enter media player > Click the systems tab > Then system > audio output. Change the number of channels to 5.1 or 7.1. Then scroll down and enable passthrough, keep scrolling down and enable DTS compatible if your receiver supports DTS.

How do I Pair my Bluetooth to my box?

  • Click the android home button on remote > Go to Advanced > More settings > Bluetooth. The android home screen is the screen that your MaggTV streaming media box boots to when you turn your MaggTV on. See a video tutorial here


When I enter media player it just sits on a black screen.

  • Click the media player button on your remote to return to the Android home screen. Go into MaggTV Tools and do a speed test to make sure you are getting good speeds. If you are getting around 1mg, that is causing the black screen and you will need to follow the steps in this FAQ to improve your speed. If you are getting 10mg or more on the speed test and still are getting the black screen, then reinstall media player from MaggTV Tools, wait a minute and then try media player again.

When I turn my box on I only have a blue screen.

  • This means that either the HDMI cord and/or the power cord are not sitting properly in the port. Check the plugs on both the back of your streaming media box and your TV. Unplug them and press the plug securely into the slot and your video should appear.

When I turn my box on I only have a black screen.

  • Press the video or input or source button on your TV remote to toggle through the video inputs. If that’s not the cure, then either the HDMI cord and/or the power cord are not sitting properly in the port. Check the plugs on both the back of your box and your TV. Unplug them and press the plug securely into the slot and your video should appear.

My TV keeps shutting off.

  • First, make sure you are using the original HDMI cable that came with your MaggTV streaming media box. If you are and still have this issue, then disable CEC in TV HDMI settings (on your TV).

What does “no stream available” mean?

  • It means exactly what it says: That stream is not available on that link. Try another link. If it’s a new movie it can be that no links have a stream available and only the trailer is available for viewing

My unit will not boot up, what do I do?

  • Hard pin reset: Unplug the box > Stick a pin or paperclip in the small hole on righthand side > Plug the media box in and hold in for 8-10 seconds > Release the pin and choose “Wipe-data factory reset.” > When this is done, choose “REBOOT.”

I have a 4K TV and my MaggTV will not display any video?

  • Hook it up to a non4K TV to change the following: On the main Android screen keep scrolling right and go into HDMI output and turn off HDMI auto detection. Change the HZ to what matches your 4K TV. Now it will work on that 4K TV

How does it work with a 4K TV and a 4K MaggTV streaming media box?

  • Currently the Premier unit are the only units capable of streaming in 4K .
  • Once your MaggTV streaming media box is connected and updated press the android home button on your MaggTV remote or the red media player button to go-to the android home screen (not inside the media center). Now scroll right to HDMI output.
  • Choose the highest resolution that your TV handles. For 4K TVs, choose 4K with 60hz. For non-4K boxes you typically choose auto.

Why is my stream sideways?

  • Press the home button on your remote > Advanced > Application > Request to change orientation in settings.


How to add parental controls to your streaming media box

  1. Go to all add-ons tab, scroll down to “Pin Sentry”
  2. Highlight Pin Sentry and press the “Menu” button on your MaggTV remote
  3. Choose “Add-on settings”
  4. Set pin value then select okay at the bottom, then back out of add on settings
  5. Click OK on the pin Sentry add on, Choose “Plugins” and find the ones that you want to set a pin on.