Extended Warranty



Looking to extend the protection plan for your MaggTV smart box? You got it. Buy an extended two-year warranty here.

  • The extended warranty gives you a full extra year of coverage.
  • Your MaggTV video media player will be covered for all manufacturer defects.
  • Warranty is valid for two years beginning on the day it is purchased.



All of our MaggTV video media players are fully covered by a one-year warranty right out of the box. But if you’re looking for extended coverage to protect your media streaming box for an extra year, then our extended warranty is right for you. Cover all manufacturer defects and disorders for a full 720 days starting on the purchase day and feel comfortable unlocking a world of content through your TV smart box.

  • The MaggTV extended warranty is valid for two years from the purchase date.
  • Covers manufacturer defects at no additional cost to you.
  • The extended warranty is valid only through our website and honored with proof of purchase.


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