Warranty Registration

Register your MaggTV streaming media box below to have it covered under an exclusive one-year warranty.

User Registration

  • This can be found on the back of the product box or bottom of the MaggTV Unit
    User Registration Terms and Agreement can be found at https://www.maggtv.com/terms/

Cover your MaggTV streaming media box with our standard one-year warranty, simply by registering your device here. With the one-year MaggTV warranty, you can ensure your media player is covered from manufacturer defects at no additional cost to you. Without registering your MaggTV, your streaming media box is covered only by a limited 30-day warranty. But with our exclusive one-year warranty, you can stream freely with peace of mind knowing that your MaggTV is fully covered for 365 days. Simply fill out this form and stream away! Our warranty is valid only through our website and honored with proof of purchase. Unlock a world of content today with your MaggTV streaming media box.
View the full MaggTV terms here.